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The original blog post relating to what follows is below:


I would ask that you avoid Sharm el-Sheikh like the plague, and I will be sending details of my previous findings to UK tour operator First Choice, asking them strike Sharm el-Sheikh from their database of holidays. 


Today I awoke with a sweat. As I tried to reason why, I felt something was wrong, but what? Later that day I opened my web browser on my computer and what caught my eye sent a “what” premonition down my spine! The headline read: British Girl Drowns In Pool At Egyptian Resort. “No!” I thought, “Not Sharm el-Sheikh!” but in my heart I knew that it was.

On Saturday, 23 February (2013) I posted a blog with the title: CATASTROPHIC VIBRATIONAL NEGATIVITY in Sharm el Sheikh by Stephen Richards. Now today, Saturday, 18 May (2013), I discovered that a five-year-old British girl on her first ever holiday with her parents has died (17 May) in a water park, Coral Sea Waterworld hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh, which had been open for less than three weeks.

As I read the news feed my heart cries at the further loss of life I predicted for this resort when I wrote back in February:

“Apologies if this posting sounds negative, but it is meant to save lives and to be a positive post! Call me mad, call me whatever, but something needs urgently attending to.”

The tragic death of Chloe Johnson is being probed by local police and UK tour operator First Choice is also investigating. The British consulate is now working to offer every assistance possible to the family in resort. And you know what? In order for them to fully understand how the incident occurred, they would have to go back in time and change how the attachment of catastrophic vibrational negativity came about in Sharm el-Sheikh!


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Posted By Stephen Richards

Posted By Stephen Richards





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